2014 Kerrville New Folk Finalist


Q & A with 2014 New Folk Finalist, Jenna Lindbo, featured on No Depression.com

By Kathy Sands-Boehmer, April 23, 2014

The first time I experienced Jenna was at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance).  I had heard her name prior to that but didn’t know what to expect when I was finally able to sit back and experience her doing her thing….totally captivating an audience within seconds of taking the stage.  I immediately knew that this was a singer-songwriter that had not only some very good songs to share but had such a sunny disposition and outlook on life that I needed to do what I could to introduce her to more people.   If I could bottle Jenna’s enthusiasm and zest, I sure would.

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Truly an honor to be one of the 2014 New Folk finalist alongside so many incredibly talented artists, inspiring human beings, and folks I call my friends *  Wow!!!  CELEBRATION ~ I could not be more excited!  See you soon, Texas!


Jan Krist & Jim Bizer Franklin MI
David McMillin Chicago Illinois
Marc Douglas Berardo Westerly RI
Addie Brownlee New York NY
Chase Gassaway Austin TX
Ellen Tipper Appleton ME
Charlotte Thistle Seattle WA
Matt Nakoa Brooklyn NY
David Berkeley Santa Fe NM
Katie Gosnell Austin TX
Dan Weber Vancouver WA
Carolina Story Nashville TN
Rosie Tucker Los Angeles CA
Connor Garvey Portland ME
Savannah King Buffalo NY
Brittany Ann Tranbaugh Easton PA

Frank Martin Gilligan Dickinson TX
The Lovebirds San Diego CA
Jeffrey Martin Eugene OR
Brad Boyer Friendswood TX
Jenna Lindbo Portland ME
Aaron Howard Phoenix AZ
Anna Paddock Brooklyn NY
Justin Pecina Gunter TX
Ben Bochner Eugene OR
Brad Cole New York NY
David White Franklin TN
Mariana Bell Los Angeles CA
Roy Schneider Duo Fort Myers FL
Cat Terrones San Pedro CA
Caroline Spence Nashville TN
Chris Ronald Vancouver BC Canada

Kerrville Folk Festival

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