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Jenna Lindbo
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“Jenna is one of those rare performers who steals your heart from the 
first note. She turns everyday details in to magical stories that bring 
you to to the edge of your seat. With charming songs, a gorgeous 
voice, and joy bursting from her soul, Jenna is destined to create and 
share music with an ever-widening audience. I know she will.”
- Catie Curtis
“I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.”
                          -Bree Candland
“If you could bottle human effervescence with a splash of
old-soul sensibility and a generous dash of love, you’d have to label it,
Essence of Jenna” – Emily in Lincoln, NE
                                           ”An audible smile”
                                                               - Ben Salmon

Cultivate happiness and gratitude in your life
October holds tour dates, video production, a songwriting retreat, music conference, concerts for kids, AND... On November 2nd I'm leading a workshop all about JOY ~ ...

Joy and Flow at Boston College
WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY? Come join the conversation and cultivate joy and flow in your life!...

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